Sep 15, 2017

From Aaron and Sean

Hi Paul,

Sean Johnson was gracias to share some water shots of the 4GF XL in action at Leo Carrillo. His instagram @seanjohnsonyeww.

Dirk calls my body position the Sphinx, so that must make me a sphinxter? I am tall and hang over the front of the what I have to do!

Photo 1: using inside leg to stall while leaning in to the face to set up for a tight pocket (mat is kept flat for instant speed when releasing the leg stall)

Photo 2: trimming along a dead spot by using the tip of the inside flipper as trim tab to help keep the nose down while adding some lift to the tail

Photo 3: chasing down a bowl section down the line by riding the top of the wave and gently side slipping a ballistic arc into the pocket ahead (notice the inside flipper is behind the wave)

Photo 4: grabbing the bottom of the mat and pulling up on it to pressurize the inside rail for more edge hold as the section readies to throw over, legs are lifted and back arched to add some kick to the tail for better turning


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