Sep 27, 2017

From Ryan

Hey Paul,

It just hooks up on a sweet line here!

I’ve tried some other mats this summer and had a lot of fun on them too, and then went back to the Fatty and the borrowed Lotus I have from Steiny. I have to say your mats seem to do exactly what I want them to do and allow me to be creative and extemporaneous on the wave contorting trying different things etc. without causing me to wipe out or make “mistakes.“

Thanks for changing my life. I’m not exaggerating since getting my first surf mat on June 10 or so I’ve probably been in the water 90 days and caught over 1000 waves in one of the flattest Summers any of us have ever seen. I’ve gone from being a guy who checks it and has fun maybe three times a week and stresses on whether or not I’ll get my wave, the crowd will be too thick, or I’ll be on the right board to, “I’ll check it from the water“. I’ve lost 17 pounds out of sheer exuberance at age 45, we all know how hard that is to do. I love surfing in the way I never have.



Dan said...

hell yeah

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeewwwww! Totally Pitted Bro! Loved it, makes me want to go surfing right now.

cherlita said...

Wonderful! We are stoked for you!
Aloha, Cher and Steve

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

THat is so nice! Ryan is such a good guy- you can tell.