Sep 18, 2017

From Rob

The surf has been fun this week! Above is a pic Chris got of me on some shore pound Saturday before anyone ventured out.
There where five mats in the water this Sat morning, everyone was sending it on shore pound! The surf wasn't very organized but it was super fun! I have some video but haven't had time to go through and edit it. When I realized everyone else wanted to ride mats all I wanted to do was document it 😂! I love to watch other people turn into kids!
Sunday was probably the best and biggest surf I've surfed at Hanna Park (Sunrise pic). I rode the inside and got "in and out" barrel, after barrel, on the Lotus! I did miss time my drop a couple of times and get murdered by the lip, large waves are a different animal. Everything happens so fast! More experience and Stoke will be gained tomorrow morning!
Thanks  so much for making these vehicles of Joy! I'll try to look at that GoPro footage soon. Keep Spreading the Stoke! Positive Vibes and Healing Energy coming at you my Friend!
Super Stoked,
Rob Pollard

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