Sep 29, 2017

From Adam


Hi Paul,

Hope all is well mate! Your packaged arrived the other day, many thanks again for your generosity & speedy delivery STOKED!

Finally had a chance this morning to share a few small waves with just Paul and myself, not bad considering its a long weekend, so pretty chuffed to share a few and swap mats , even the wind played ball and didn't blow us out to sea. Love the feel and size of the Lotus, and with these mats being Super Sport models, their broken in and ready to roll straight off the bat.The forecast looks good for tomorrow at our favorite, so hopefully have 4 of us out testing the mats out in larger & longer running waves.....stay tuned to the Bat channel .

A nice comment on-line from Mr Dirk explaining what the Super Sport models..

We noticed that it takes a while to break in a new mat, but when it gets more supple it's more responsive and swift. So PG worked out a way to break-in the material before he builds. His explanation -- "Super Sport versions of the 4GF models are built of pre-broken in fabric...which means they "go" from the first wave. I've done this for several years on my own mats, so I can quickly test prototypes more effectively. We now make them available for customers. Being labor-intensive, they cost $300."

Vale my Omni....from a couple of months ago. We were surfing another one of our favorite reef/cove breaks, whilst doing the walk back round, jump off the point , I decided to film Paul leaping from the rocks, and didn't quite take enough flipper steps back , when a couple of rogue sets washed thru, knocked my flippers from under me, and I came down , bottom of mat first , and rip 2 big holes to the underside of the these new mats are a welcome addition to my surfing equipment!

Many Thanks again Paul!

Regards from Oz


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