Sep 12, 2017

From Anthony

Hi Paul,

Loving my Lotus. I've ridden a bunch of different mats and the Lotus is the best. I like the control I have for slight adjustments on the face of the wave, which comes in handy when sharing waves or being able to do big turns. Here is a shot of me on the Lotus!



A few hours later an email came in from Rob in Jacksonville, who snuck in a surf during the aftermath of Irma...

This morning, from a beach cam in Ponce Inlet, about 2 hours south of Jax Beach

Just had an amazing session on the Standard and the Lotus! 4 hours of screamers! Both these mats fly!!!! Both mats handled the steep drops like a champ, but the Lotus made me feel like I had super powers. I would set a high line on one of these 5-7' faces, and she would respond without a slip or slide and fire me through gears.

The waves weren't lined up very well but I easily caught some 100+ yard rides. I'm going to save a little for tomorrow. Man that was a magical experience! That's definitely the fastest I've ever gone on a wave before!

Super Stoked,


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harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

Santa Cruz Salad Bowl matters are frothing! Such a good crew