Sep 4, 2017

From Oily

Hey Paul, 

Hope this finds you happy and healthy.

Well, I finally got the Omni on some Gilligan's Island specials. Man what a blast. Took me a few adjustments in inflation and after feeling Neal's mat and working from there, I found the sweet spot and the rest is smiles mate.

Here is a short video from our morning out the Island this last Saturday September 2, with good mates Adam, Neal and Phil all on different adaptations of the modern surfmat.

The one thing missing was our good mate, friend and brother Eric. We had a great send off for him last week and to top it off the swell started to pulse a little after we had committed him to his beloved ocean and we all enjoyed waves together on all methods of surf craft.

Cheers mate.


SCUMM and Proud of It !

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