Sep 5, 2017

4GF Sale Reboot !!!

Our "Back To School" sale is still on, and the details remain the same...we're offering a $40 rebate on all of our high end mats, and $25 rebate on our Classic model. Plus, if you order 2 or more mats, $50 off each high end mat, and $30 off each Classic!!!

But the whole back-to-school buzz is wearing off fast, and there's the entire month of September left for these incredible we're going to rebrand this event as a, "Wearing White After Labor Day" mat sale!

Now's your chance to join the rebellious fun!

To order, open our home page at, go to the drop down list along the top, click on 'surfmats,' pick a model or models, and order from there. We'll rebate the sale amount back into your account within a day of receiving your order.


Paul and Gloria

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