Sep 21, 2017

From Oily

G’day Paul,

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Well mate I'm loving the Omni. Think I’ve found my place on it, or should i say ‘Dabolt’ as i have dedicated this mat to the legend that is Matman.

We’ve been pretty spoilt lately with swell and conditions and have managed some great sessions with Adam , Neal and Phil at our premier mat wave in our area that is Gillligans Island..  Its always good to hear from a stand up surfer ‘you guys are having the most fun and waves out their’  .. haha

Anyways mate here;s a link to a short youtube video and some happy snaps of an early session last weekend.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Niiice footage, such a good ethos going on there as always with "matters". So now i know what i would be doing there if mum and dad hadn't taken us back to uk 50 yrs ago when i was 11yrs old. Loving that clear water, oh well back to the weekends murky south coast 1-2ft crumbles of the uk south coast ha. Churs me dears mart.