Dec 7, 2017

Faria Fire Update

Faria Beach in Ventura County is the defacto home of 4GF Surfmats. The zippy right point break was where the lion's share of R&D was done in 1983 and 1984. The homes there are currently is being threatened by the fires in the area. While this pales in comparison to the fire damage being done elsewhere, I wanted to provide an update that indirectly relates to us.


tuskedbeast said...

Thanks. Interesting to learn that your testing took place on a specific wave- makes sense.

I confess I've tried to find the web cam spot you sometimes feature on this site. With this entry I thought "aHA!", but, googled, nope... the mystery continues.

Had one surf the morning our Napa fires began, then passed on a bunch of good days due to the dangerous air quality :(

Intense times.

Paul Gross said...

I think the cam you're looking for is here...

tuskedbeast said...

Hmm... Don't think so, unless it has another angle sometimes. The screen grab has been used to capture Dirk's semi full of mats, cops on the beach, and most recently, our US response to Adam's paradise sessions.

Almost don't WANT to know... it's kinda nice in this information age to be lost!

Anyway, condolences for those suffering down in Ventura and now Carpentaria.

tuskedbeast said...

This is incredible- 8 days after your post, the fire is still burning, and now Santa Barbara is being evacuated. Can't believe I'm typing that.