Dec 2, 2017

From Adam


Yo Paul

Sending Positive , Healing Vibes your way mate! Froth on for another day our Friend!

SCUMM Love from Oz

Life's a Beach


misterdirk said...

Such good fun. Very cool to see the way the wave starts to feel the bottom as the tide drops, in that first time-lapse video. What a great session and a kind message.

Anonymous said...

Sending Aloha and healing vibes from the other side of the world. Good stuff! Decent blokes those Scumm

Rob Pollard said...

Great footage Adam! I’m always Stoked to see people sharing Positive Energy, it costs nothing, yet can make a world of difference in someone’s life. I always look forward to seeing what SCUMM is up to! Keep Spreading the Stoke!

Anonymous said...

10 quacks bro... thanks for making the effort to share our antics... and as Robert said "we love spreading the 4GF stoke.. all thanks to the legend that is PG.. SCUMM 4eva, 4eva SCUMM..hahaha Oily..