Dec 4, 2017

From Brian


I’ve been sitting on this pic for a little bit and wanted to get it out to you.

This summer my family took a trip to Spain and before we left I was told that we’d be going to the island of Formentera. I immediately knew that my Vespa roundtail would be at the bottom of my bag. The island is south of Ibiza and in the Mediterranean Sea. My hope for surf wasn’t too high but nonetheless off we went. 

The island is amazing, and the water spectacular. Temps were 95 plus and you had to stay in the water in order to last at the beaches. The wind started to blow a bit and surprisingly we started to see some little waves!! The combination of sand and reef made for some nice little coves that actually began to produce some activity.

As the picture displays my kids had smiles for hours riding the mat on the little surf that we found. Your mats never disappoint and will always be with us on any trips that will put us on or near the water. Thanks so much for doing what you do and I wish you all the best as you take the time needed to recover from your health issues.

Put another needle in the world map that I hope you have that documents where your mats have been: Formentera, Spain

Brian Gray

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