Dec 25, 2017

From Jonathan

Merry Christmas Paul,

I'm so glad to hear you're back in the water. That also means I can now report: we've had a great early winter here in SF. I've felt a little like Nero fiddling on all these high pressure, offshore days that have made for such devastating wildfires down south. But have been blessed and lucky. Morning checks show ludicrous crowds. Afternoons have been uncrowded, even empty! Don't know why, don't need to know :) The SS Standard and SS Polara have preformed beautifully in the unusually user-friendly 3-6 foot beachbreak we've been having.

It's been a hard year for a lot of us, and much harder for the most vulnerable. But this time we're passing through has also been illuminating and motivating. I truly feel that a lot of unsustainable practices are coming to an end... that certain paradigms are truly shifting. I'm feeling gratitude for the simple, real, true things.... like a card from my beloved, with her rendition of her tuskedbeast riding his favorite glorified pool toy :)

Thank you for all you do, Paul. Best wishes to you and Gloria. All best wishes for your health and happiness in 2018 and beyond.


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