Dec 28, 2017

From Mister Dirk

Dirk and Decker Brandts in prep for their starring roles...

California mat riders -- our film making colleague Tim Ciasto is coming to visit California from Jan. 3-19, 2018.
Tim Ciasto

He'll stay with me (Dirk Brandts) in Santa Barbara, but also make some jaunts up and down the coast. He wants to film mat surfing and interview mat riders while he's here. I would like to plant the idea of a mat meet during that window, and ideally hold it at one of the right points in my area. The winter groundswells haven't been happening like they should this year, but it could happen. Fingers crossed! Let me know in the comments if you'd like to join in.
We also are working on some planned shoots. We need about 6 to 15 characters in black wetsuits to help recreate a band of hunter-gatherers. This would involve 2 sunrise sessions, one on the coast here in SB, and one inland in a dry stone landscape nearby -- in other words, 2 separate mornings. If you can't make it to both, no worries. No budget for this, since this is a non-commercial passion project, but it will be quick, easy, and probably pretty funny once it's done. Comment if this seems interesting, and I'll add more details as it comes together next week.


misterdirk said...

Stoked to hear from you all, thanks. I'm getting really excited for our shoots, or just a good old mat meet if the surf is right. I gathered your addresses, and I'll stay in touch soon.

Paul Gross said...

We're getting a lot of responses on the Video Mat Meet.

I'm forwarding your email addresses to Dirk, but I'm going to not post them here. Dirk feels that having your email addresses out "in public" might lead to spam bots harvesting them.

tuskedbeast said...

I'd love to know if you come up to SC/SF, Dirk!