Dec 10, 2017

From Rob


I had a blast Saturday going out with Chris for a couple hours! The Air temp was 45F and Floridians frown upon that, so we where all alone at Dolphin Plaza! Chris captured the feel of the session with these beautiful shots. The water temp is still in the 70’s so it was like surfing in a hot tub 😂! These waves where about 150 yards off the beach at low tide, they didn’t connect to the inside but man where they Fun!
I went out in the afternoon for a second session with Ryman and Mark for some high tide shore pound! I Love the winter in Florida, the line up really thins out and the waves are awesome!

Thank you for making these magical craft! They surf everything from Dribblers to Drainers! I’m up early Frothin for some more! Cali is in my thoughts as prayers, nothing but Love from Florida. Positive Vibes and Healing Energy my Friend! Keep Spreading the Stoke! I gave my bracket away after the morning session to a long boarder I met in the line up who was asking about 4GF’s. His names Tom and he kills it on the log!

I hope you can log a Stoke filled session soon! Yeeeeewwwww!



harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

Rob might be the most stoked man alive

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeewwwwww! Thank you for your kind words! I’ve found out in the last couple of years happiness is a choice that you make everyday. It’s not easy, especially the way we are bombarded with hate and fear through almost every media outlet. I have worked extremely hard in the last couple of years to change my life and become the person I am today. I still struggle at times, but mat surfing always checks my line. I’ve met so many beautiful, happy, friendly people in the Ocean! When I started this journey I had all but given up on people, believing the hype that had been spoon fed to me daily! I want to be part of the solution! I don’t care if other people treat me like shit, they are lost, scared, and alone. I meet them with a smile and pray for them later, because I know from experience how terrible it feels to be in that place. There are tons of great people out there that want to change but they don’t know how. It’s a responsibility of those who are Stoked to share it! The smallest kind gesture can make a world of difference in someone’s day. We can be the solution, and people do change! I’m blessed to be able to share my Stoke with all of you. I’m Loved and I’m Happy, that’s the Dream, everything else is just a distraction. Keep Spreading the Stoke, it can change the World!