Dec 16, 2017

First Time Flyer

Hope all is well Paul

Not much has been happening down here on the NSW south coast, with weak summer wind swells, work and increasing holiday makers ! I caught up with my good friend Michael Watkins, owner of Nee Pro kneeboards, for a small slide, we shared my lotus and standard ss mats , and lots of laughs! This was Michael's first time on a mat, making him a First Time Flyer.
Many Thanks again for the Stoke that mat riding  brings us all

Have a Very Merry Xmas and May the Force be With You!


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Rob Pollard said...

Thanks for Sharing the Stoke Adam! Your videos are helping me get through the flat spell we are experiencing. It looked like a really successful first flight! Have a Frothin good Christmas if I don’t here from the SCUMM Crew before then! Yeeeewwwwwww! 4th Gear Frothin for Life :)!